Farm Face Lift: Anatomy of a Pig Barn

June 3, 2015 one comment Posted in Animals

The anticipation for piglets is growing here at GiPop Acres! The girls are due any day now and GiGi and PopPop are finishing up their barn not a moment too soon 🙂

As you may have seen on the Facebook page, they’ve been hard at work converting the old chicken coop- which has been housing our bucks and wethers- from a ruin into a barn that works to house them alongside the pigs and (eventually) their piglets. The building’s roof is still in relatively good shape but the walls and support posts had begun rotting and sinking into the ground… so GiGi and PopPop made a plan to lift the roof and add a the structure they needed underneath it.


They started by lifting one side and then the other with extendable support posts little by little. Once the roof was high enough to walk under, PopPop started auguring out post holes to set the permanent 4×4 posts.


The Kids’ First Visit with the Herd

March 30, 2015 2 comments Posted in Animals

It’s been a busy couple of weeks around the farm and a difficult couple of weeks for me personally so I’ve been under the radar for a while. Things are getting back to normal, though, and I HOPE we’ve finally rounded the corner onto the end of winter and the beginning of spring.

The goat kids are getting bigger every day and yesterday we had a nice (if a bit blustery) afternoon so we decided to let the mamas and the babies out into the pasture to run around, get some fresh air, and get acquainted with the rest of the herd.


The alpaca were all unsure about these little things that didn’t appear to be chickens or ducks, but they looked too small to be goats 🙂 The donkeys were convinced they were little dogs and thus need to be chased away. But the mamas and the babies had fun running around in the sunshine… especially Pippa and Rocky (above) who took the opportunity to stretch their legs very seriously. Pippa had Rocky running all over the place and climbing the mountains of hay and muck! (more…)

Princess and Her Little Peas

March 16, 2015 3 comments Posted in Animals

mama Princess and her baby boys
mama Princess and her baby boys

GiGi and I were planning on boiling some maple sap to get our syrup started this afternoon. We planned on letting Bailey and Duncan hang out in the yard with us while we did it so I went to close the driveway gate to keep Duncan contained while GiGi started the fire for the sap. When I got down near the barn, though, I heard a goat bleating that didn’t sound normal. I popped in the barn with the expecting does to find Princess laying on the ground crying loudly. When I checked her behind (expecting to find a little blood and mucous) I found two little hooves and a nose peeking out!


Meet & Greet: The Goats

March 11, 2015 no comments Posted in Animals, Meet & Greet

And now we meet the goats. What would GiPop Acres be without the goats? A lot less exciting, that’s for sure. These guys are a constant source of entertainment and trouble-making. Goats, in general, tend to be a lot less skittish than other livestock (I’m looking at you sheep & alpaca) so not only do they not run away when you move towards them, most will come running to you for food, or pets, or just curiosity. I always tell people that our goats are more like dogs than livestock. Each has his or her own personality and temperament and it’s time to meet them!

The Does

We have seven does for breeding and milking. Three of the does have previously kidded and four are currently bred, due to deliver any day now. I’m sure that as soon as I post this we’ll have new goats to add 🙂 These are our does…

Pippa: along with her twin sister Poppy, Pippa is one of the last of GiPop Acres’ original herd of goats. She is an Oberhasli doe and has had one kid {Brutus}. Pippa is laid-back and calm… for a goat, that is. She does her own thing and gets along with pretty much everybody.