Meet & Greet: The Cats

February 25, 2015 no comments Posted in Animals, Meet & Greet

When PopPop and I took Gabby to the vet for the last time on Saturday, I was reminded of a part of farm life that I’ve come to find comforting in times of trouble. The vet and technician at the clinic were very attentive during the process but right when they began to administer the euthanasia, we heard the office cat in the hallway playing with a jingly toy. The tech was embarrassed at the distraction during the solemn moment. She patted me on the back and said, “I’m so sorry she chose this time to play.” My response was “No worries, life goes on.” And in that moment I was reminded of the 100+ creatures waiting (not so) patiently while GiGi was at home making¬†her feeding rounds. There are always more little souls to care for and to comfort you. Life indeed goes on.

And now we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming…


Meet & Greet: The Babydoll Sheep

February 20, 2015 2 comments Posted in Animals, Meet & Greet


sheepAnd now we meet the sheep! I seriously have no idea when/why the idea of sheep jumped into GiGi’s head. There were always discussions of goats and chickens and pigs and most of the other animals here but the sheep snuck in unnoticed somehow. All I know is that one fine day last year (it was not fine… it was exactly like the weather we’re having now… inches of snow and -20 windchill) GiGi announced that we were going to look at some sheep. And so we did.


Meet & Greet: The Mini Donkeys

February 16, 2015 2 comments Posted in Animals, Meet & Greet


This is the first post in the Meet & Greet series I have planned. The purpose of these is to help you understand who’s who and to give a little background info on how each animal came into our lives. The series will cover both indoor animals (house cats, dogs, parrots) and outdoor animals/livestock (goats, pigs, chickens, donkeys, alpaca, sheep, rabbits, ducks, geese, and the barn cat). If you ever want to see a quick count of who’s living here at any given time, hop on over to the Current Creature Count page to see the running total. (more…)