About Us

February 3, 2015 no comments

The who, what, when, where and why… not necessarily in that order.

WHO we are

GiGi showing her favorite hen Priscilla     GiGi (aka Suzanne, aka Mama) chief pig slopper, goat milker, egg collector, hoof trimmer, baby deliverer, cat herder, bunny snuggler, and accountant.

PopPop gives great cuddles     PopPop (aka Kevin, aka Daddi-o) chief log splitter, problem solver, tractor driver, fence fixer, wood worker, and project manager.

   Jami (aka Jemaila, aka me) chief dog wrangler, grave digger, beer drinker, food fixer, stuff mover, poop shoveler, and narrator.


WHERE we are

Our little corner of the world is located in Mount Gilead, Ohio. We are snuggled pleasantly out of sight on a scant 20 acres of semi-overgrown fields, grazing pasture, woods, yard, barns, and various other buildings in conditions ranging from near-collapse to habitable to work-in-progress. The three of us currently share the one (habitable/work-in-progress) house that came with the property while GiGi and PopPop put together plans to build a new one for themselves.

WHAT we do

Fix fences and shovel poop…

WHY we are here

We are trying to figure that out. All we know so far is that we wanted to live closer to the land and further from the harried pace of urban life. We are always curious about how things are made and where they come from so we aim to try our hands at any and every homesteading activity we can think of.

WHEN we are available for visitors

Always and never. We always welcome anyone who wants to drop by, with one caveat… we are never “visitor ready.” We can guarantee your visit will include scenic views of something torn apart, half-finished, temporarily fixed, or cobbled together. Change is constant and fast-paced around here and the evidence is easy to see. But all are welcome who don’t mind the mess… especially those who are willing to pick up a shovel!