The Return of the Prodigal Blogger

May 6, 2015 one comment Posted in Uncategorized

I’m back! Between the end of the semester (I got straight As, in case you’re wondering :p) and a crazy couple of weeks at work, I’ve been distracted and neglecting my lovely little space here lately. But I’m back and ready for action now… and when I say action, I mean action! Needless to say, springtime is a busy busy time around here so I thought I’d just give you a quick insight into what our typical to-do list looks like. The majority of these are from GiGi’s never-ending series of post-its filled with chores, but I’ve added a few of my projects in as well.

Here’s what we should be working on at all times around here…

tier 1

tier 2

tier 3

So that’s a taste of what we’re up against in the very near future if you’d like to come by and lend a hand 😉

Update (5/7/15): We knocked two and a half of the items off the first list last night. As is typical for our evenings, I whipped up a quick dinner and we headed in our respective directions for evening projects. GiGi mowed the lawn, PopPop made some good progress scraping out the buck/pig barn floor, and I got started bottling the two batches of beer that we’ve put off for weeks. When the sun started to set, GiGi finished up her mowing and started her evening feeding chores and PopPop came inside to help me cap off the beer bottles. Today GiGi is taking the roosters and rabbits to butcher so we’re trucking along with our to-do lists. Also, GiGi and PopPop informed me yesterday that they had already fixed the lawn mower tire so I can take one thing off the next list! 

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  1. Louise 5 years ago

    Sounds like enough work for an army instead of three people. Take care of yourselves and don’t overdo.

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