Spring is Springing

April 22, 2015 one comment Posted in Uncategorized

Although it’s cold and blustery and rainy today, we’ve been seeing signs of life all over the homestead. After our long, miserable winter it feels like we can finally breathe again… and the plants and animals seem to agree, too! GiGi has gotten some plants started under the grow lights inside and some seeds sewn directly into the garden outside. I got our hop rhizomes planted last week and GiGi and PopPop got the new fruit trees in the ground. The warmer weather should be here to stay soon and everything will kick into high gear. For now, I’ll leave you with some of the brave little plants who have started to pop up as the season begins.

strawberry plants peeking through last year’s growth
daffodils and sunshine
this little asparagus stalk managed to avoid the eye of hungry sheep
chickens getting the garden all scratched up before we planted


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  1. Louise 4 years ago

    Isn’t it wonderful to see all the new growth popping up.

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