Meet & Greet: The Rabbits

April 2, 2015 2 comments Posted in Animals

We’re nearing the end of our Meet & Greet series! The rabbits are a quick and easy one so I’m going to do them first and save the poultry till last 🙂


GiGi decided last summer to add rabbits to our meat producing animals and she settled on the Champagne D’Argent breed since it’s a traditional meat rabbit. The rabbits live on one side of the chicken coop with the sheep and to be perfectly frank, they’re so quiet and calm that I often forget about them until feeding time. It’s strange to have an animal that doesn’t run around and make noise all day long!


GiGi bought three males (bucks) and three females (does) last summer and plans to breed them to supply ourselves with offspring to butcher. We’ve had one successful breeding so far from which we have three babies (kits)- two females and a male. The kits are born totally black and they gradually gain the silver fur that’s distinctive for their breed. You can see they’re almost through the process in the most recent pictures (at the bottom of the collage) and all they have left of the black is their ears.

kits_allSide note: These bunnies are relatively calm and they’re friendly enough to let GiGi pick them up (especially the babies). They do not, however, love me shoving a camera in their faces while she’s doing so… as evidenced by GiGi’s arm :/ Their claws are long enough to do some damage when they decide they want to get out of your arms!

ouchAnd those are the rabbits! Short and sweet 🙂




  1. Louise 5 years ago

    Sorry to hear the end of meet and greet. Surely there will be more new critters added as Gigi gets inspired. Maybe a pony or cow is in the near future. Lol. I’m sure Kevin is saying keep quiet MawMaw

  2. Bev Caldwell 5 years ago

    The rabbits are beautiful! Hard to think about them soon being meat!
    I could not be a farmer, even tho I was desperate to be a farmer’s wife when a child. Guess I just like the animals and not their part in the food chain!

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