The Kids’ First Visit with the Herd

March 30, 2015 2 comments Posted in Animals

It’s been a busy couple of weeks around the farm and a difficult couple of weeks for me personally so I’ve been under the radar for a while. Things are getting back to normal, though, and I HOPE we’ve finally rounded the corner onto the end of winter and the beginning of spring.

The goat kids are getting bigger every day and yesterday we had a nice (if a bit blustery) afternoon so we decided to let the mamas and the babies out into the pasture to run around, get some fresh air, and get acquainted with the rest of the herd.


The alpaca were all unsure about these little things that didn’t appear to be chickens or ducks, but they looked too small to be goats 🙂 The donkeys were convinced they were little dogs and thus need to be chased away. But the mamas and the babies had fun running around in the sunshine… especially Pippa and Rocky (above) who took the opportunity to stretch their legs very seriously. Pippa had Rocky running all over the place and climbing the mountains of hay and muck!

I myself tried to take the opportunity to get some pictures of the kids out of the barn where there’s better light.


Above is Fern with her mama Milli. I missed posting about Fern’s birth since she was a bit of a surprise and she was the very last of the kids. We didn’t expect Milli to give birth for another two or three days after Poppy had her kids but she apparently wasn’t interested in dragging it out any longer than necessary. So we had two kids born on March 16th, one born on March 17th, two born on March 18th, and one born on March 19th. Very convenient 🙂


Here’s Poppy with her two boys Basil and Dill. Basil is the one in the red sweater and Dill is the one in the blue sweater. We were getting a little anxious about Poppy before she kidded because she was the first doe to show signs of labor but then didn’t do anything about it for nearly two weeks. Princess and Pippa both had their kids before her so we were hoping there wasn’t an issue with one of her babies that was causing complications. Then when she went into active labor she took her sweet time about that, too. GiGi was watching her like a hawk all day and night, looking out for signs of trouble, so Poppy decided to wait until about 3am (after GiGi’s 2am check but before her 5am check) to go ahead and get it all done. So GiGi walked into the barn at 5am to find Basil and Dill just hanging out and Poppy pleased as punch with herself!


Above is Pippa and her her little boy Rocky (short for Shamrock) who was born on St Patrick’s Day. Pippa was just like her twin sister in that she didn’t really feel like having anyone else around when she was giving birth so she waited until GiGi had checked on her and gone back to bed before she decided to give birth. What can you do? Some ladies want a little privacy to get their business done 🙂 Pippa tends to throw one really big kid and so far both have been males. We were a bit anxious for her this year, though, because her first delivery of one big kid ended with a prolapsed uterus and with GiGi & PopPop racing her to the vet to have it returned to its rightful place. Pippa didn’t get bred last year for that reason and we hoped that her recovery time was sufficient so that it didn’t happen again this year. Everything went just fine this time and, like I said, she did it all on her own. She clearly thinks she doesn’t need anyone else’s help thankyouverymuch.


And that brings us to Princess and her little peas, Pod and Snaps. Of course, they decided to be very uncooperative with me as they clearly did not want their pictures taken. The best I could do of all three of them together was this picture from faaaaar away. Also butts. The best I could do was butts.


Pod was a little more cooperative by himself, though. Is he not the cutest little thing you’ve ever seen?


Snaps, on the other hand, is determined to have no good pictures of himself ever :/

So there are the more complete baby introductions. After everyone played outside for a bit yesterday, we took them back into the barn and took all of their little sweaters off so now they’re all running around naked 🙂

Here are a few more pictures of the kids playing in the sunshine… just in case you need to something to smile about on a Monday!





And some blurry action shots!


Happy Monday!



  1. Bev Caldwell 5 years ago

    yes – this did make me smile on a Monday! Thanks so much for both the pictures and the commentary – almost like I had been there with you all (not for those 2AM checks on the mama goats, tho!)

  2. Louise 5 years ago

    Jami, you do such a good job detailing the happenings with the new kids on the block. They are each beautiful in their own way. Bet everyone enjoyed the outside and brief sunshine. Keep up the good work.

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