Princess and Her Little Peas

March 16, 2015 3 comments Posted in Animals

mama Princess and her baby boys
mama Princess and her baby boys

GiGi and I were planning on boiling some maple sap to get our syrup started this afternoon. We planned on letting Bailey and Duncan hang out in the yard with us while we did it so I went to close the driveway gate to keep Duncan contained while GiGi started the fire for the sap. When I got down near the barn, though, I heard a goat bleating that didn’t sound normal. I popped in the barn with┬áthe expecting does to find Princess laying on the ground crying loudly. When I checked her behind (expecting to find a little blood and mucous) I found two little hooves and a nose peeking out!

baby boy #1
baby boy #1

I yelled up to GiGi to grab the iodine from the house and ran back in to help Princess. It looked like she was having a little trouble so I tried to clean some of the membrane off the little guy’s nose and grabbed his hooves to help her. I didn’t pull him so much as just keep some tension on him so she could push him out. And push him out she did. I hadn’t grabbed any towels on my way into the stall because I didn’t know if the baby was in trouble or not so I wanted to get him free as soon as possible. So I tried to dry him off the best I could (which is why my shirt and jacket now smell like amniotic fluid) and I massaged his chest and face to work his airways open. He finally started sputtering and moving about so I let Princess start cleaning him off while I waited for GiGi with the iodine and towels.

baby boy #2

After finding his legs and taking a few wobbly steps, baby boy #1 was already hungry and looking for food ­čÖé Before long, Princess started to push again and we had another smaller (thank goodness) little boy. Both little guys have nursed and are walking around a bit. So far, everyone seems to be doing well! Poppy and Pippa were both acting like they wanted to start laboring this afternoon so it might not be long before we have another set of babies to introduce. On that note, GiGi and I are back down to the barn to check on everyone right now…



  1. Jemaila Duffy 5 years ago

    Needless to say, we didn’t get any sap boiled today!
    Apologies for the terrible pictures, also. It’s really hard to get decent shots in a dark barn when everyone wants to move around :p

  2. Louise 5 years ago

    Is this what you call follow the leaders in baby watch and maybe delivery. So cool

  3. Kendra Klein 5 years ago

    Sure sounds like much more fun than my day at the office! I cannot wait to come and visit.

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