Meet & Greet: The Dogs

March 9, 2015 one comment Posted in Animals, Meet & Greet

Whew! Busy week last week! Between the barn flooding, goats threatening to have babies, a paper due in my class, and my car being in the shop I managed to get a little behind on my blog posting. But now I’m back on schedule and continuing with our Meet & Greet series.

Today we meet the dogs. It may seem a bit crazy to some people, but the fact that GiGi, PopPop, and I only have three dogs between us blows my mind. Maybe we’ve hit critical mass on the number of animals we have to take care of? Whatever the reason, we have three dogs to meet today!lilly

Lilly is GiGi’s little papillon. She’s five years old and is about six four and a half pounds of hair, fish bones, and enthusiasm. Lilly’s favorite activities include chasing cats, licking people’s faces, and running in circles at top speed. She may look delicate but Lilly is positive that she’s the biggest, toughest, rough-and-tumble-est farm dog there is. You can catch her any given day following GiGi around wherever her chores take her… when she’s not snoozing in a patch of sun on the back of the couch, that is…


Duncan is someone’s (my?) sheltie-mix rescue dog. He used to belong to Jenna and Keith but he started to get just a little too protective of Jenna when strangers came to the house so he came to live on the farm. Although he still doesn’t care much for strangers, Duncan is a great farm dog. His favorite activities include chasing squirrels and chasing Lilly. Duncan was quite fond of Gabby so he’s been a bit out of sorts since she died… he’s also a bit miffed that Bailey is his only roommate these days :/

baileyBailey is my baby boy! He’s a 10 year old mastiff whose favorite activity is napping in the sun… or on the couch… or pretty much anywhere. He’s 200lbs of drool, hair, and snoring which may be why Duncan doesn’t like him as a roommate. Bailey has absolutely loved every minute of living at the farm since we moved up here. His retirement years really are his golden years 🙂

And now you know the dogs! It still seems unfathomable to me that we only have three at the moment (which I’m sure won’t last long) but they are surely three of the cutest dogs around!



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  1. Louise 5 years ago

    Although I am an avid dog person, three at one time is way over the top for me.

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