Meet & Greet: The Cats

February 25, 2015 no comments Posted in Animals, Meet & Greet

When PopPop and I took Gabby to the vet for the last time on Saturday, I was reminded of a part of farm life that I’ve come to find comforting in times of trouble. The vet and technician at the clinic were very attentive during the process but right when they began to administer the euthanasia, we heard the office cat in the hallway playing with a jingly toy. The tech was embarrassed at the distraction during the solemn moment. She patted me on the back and said, “I’m so sorry she chose this time to play.” My response was “No worries, life goes on.” And in that moment I was reminded of the 100+ creatures waiting (not so) patiently while GiGi was at home making her feeding rounds. There are always more little souls to care for and to comfort you. Life indeed goes on.

And now we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming…


Here we meet the kitty cats 🙂 First up is our barn cat Neo. When GiGi and PopPop bought the place, it came with two barn cats. Both were solid black and nearly impossible to tell apart. We decided they were the same cat but that there was a glitch in the matrix. So they were dubbed Neo and Trinity. Eventually, Trinity decided to expand her horizons (read: find a way to not have to share food with chickens) so she now spends most of her days at the neighbors’ house. Neo has hung around the barn, fighting chickens for food and winding his way between our legs while we try to walk with hay bales in our hands. He’s  the sweetest cat but I’m pretty sure he’s trying to break our necks.


And then there’s the house cats…  who were supposed to join Neo in the barn. We adopted Daisy and Maisy from a family friend who had rescued them from a bad situation. Because they had just been spayed when we got them- and because it was approximately none degrees outside- the sisters spent their first week here inside the house. They moved to the barn and stayed about half of one night before they decided to make their way back to the house. They kept getting sent back down to the barn where they nightly made plans to big-eye us into letting them back inside. Aaaaaand now we have two house cats 🙂


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