Meet & Greet: The Babydoll Sheep

February 20, 2015 2 comments Posted in Animals, Meet & Greet


sheepAnd now we meet the sheep! I seriously have no idea when/why the idea of sheep jumped into GiGi’s head. There were always discussions of goats and chickens and pigs and most of the other animals here but the sheep snuck in unnoticed somehow. All I know is that one fine day last year (it was not fine… it was exactly like the weather we’re having now… inches of snow and -20 windchill) GiGi announced that we were going to look at some sheep. And so we did.

And they were adorable. These little guys are officially called Olde English Babydoll Southdown sheep but nicknamed (and you can see why) Babydolls. They are little and they are cute and they always look like they’re smiling. When we went to visit a breeder, I was skeptical on the drive there but in love on the drive back.  The Babydolls are descended from an old English (duh) breed used mainly for meat production but they fell out of favor when consumers started to ask for larger cuts of meat. The breed has been quite rare in England and North America but is experiencing a resurgence in both places right now. They are sweet and docile animals but they are very herd-oriented so they don’t do well alone. For that reason, we planned to buy two lambs when the breeder’s ewes started delivering in the spring.

And of course we bought every single one that wasn’t spoken for 🙂 But don’t try to tell me you wouldn’t do the exact same thing. I mean, seriously. LOOK AT THE CUTENESS!

baby sheep

So we ended up with a white whether (neutered male) we named Connor, a black ewe we named Ciara, and a white ewe we named Cailin. They mostly just cruise around the yard or their pasture eating grass and not bothering anyone. They are not nearly as mischievous or destructive as the goats so they’ve earned themselves a lot more freedom. They will get sheared in the spring with the alpaca and GiGi will spin their wool into yarn (or use it for whatever other fibercraft she’s working on).

So there you have it. Simple and sweet, those are the sheep!



  1. Suzanne Duffy 5 years ago

    All I can do is ‘smile’ when I see my little Babydolls. 😉

  2. Louise 5 years ago

    Beautiful little faces

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